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Return to…... (what?)statement in COVID times
Unfortunately, there isn’t one answer for everyone when it comes to whether or not children should return to activities (daycare, camps, sports school etc). The pandemic is not over, people are still getting sick and dying. The re-opening is occurring because numbers are getting better and hospitals have ramped up space to accommodate more patients but the illness hasn’t gone away. As far as return to activities go it’s what a family considers “acceptable risk.” The safest decision is still everyone staying home and minimizing all exposure. That is still the best choice if parents can function fully in their jobs and as childcare providers. If the option doesn’t exist then it’s all about maximizing protection such as making sure the activity has covid protocols in place. Everyone over the age of 2 years old wearing masks, washing hands well and regularly, trying to not touch your face, keeping social distancing in place, temperature taking at onset and end of activity and when getting home change clothes and bath/shower. This decision is unique to each family meaning if anyone has a poor immune system (cancer, immune deficiency etc) or say 90 year old grandma lives with you (highest risk population over 65 years of age) then activities may be a bad option. If everyone is generally healthy and you maximize protection risk is elevated but maybe not as much as we thought before. We understand everyone is struggling with the lack of socializing and kids even more so. We have to weigh the pros to emotional, mental and developmental health with social interaction to the cons where serious infection still exists. There isn’t one right answer to all families. Other things to plan for and think about is if a kid spikes a fever currently we would send the child for COVID testing that has an average turnaround time 2-6 days. During that time both kid and family should all be quarantined at home until results return. If negative back to school/activity when healthy, if positive could be everyone home for 2 plus weeks in quarantine. We know this has been a stressful time for everyone and applaud everyone for the great work they have been doing with social distancing, mask wearing and good hygiene (it is evident in our office as most other illnesses have gone away and we aren’t seeing the big spike in summer illnesses we usually see). That being said we aren’t in the clear yet and expect a second spike this fall. So whichever decision your family makes in regards to activities please remember we are all in this together and try to maximize safety and protection. We at Belliacres Pediatrics are committed to the health and wellbeing of our patients and their families. We hope to one day say we have conquered this illness, but for now we will continue to provide our medical expertise in the safest way possible and answer all concerns with as much certainty as we can. As always, if there are any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out. Thanks and Stay Safe. 

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