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Office Policies and Contacting Your Doctor
Insurance Participation

We participate with the following COMMERCIAL insurances.

(Participation with insurance carriers has been flexible by nature, so, call the office to confirm our ongoing participation with your insurance and check if we have added new insurance carrier relationships.)

United HealthCare
Johns Hopkins (EHP ONLY)

If we participate with your primary insurance carrier, we will file a claim on your behalf. All co-payments and co-insurance amounts are collected at the time of service. When you receive your insurance’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB), you are required to send any remaining balances or amounts applied to deductibles directly and promptly to our office. Please be sure to review your EOB. In many cases the “discounted” fees are only applicable if payment is made within 30 days. We do not file with secondary carriers. If our office does not participate with your insurance carrier, a document will be prepared at each encounter to assist you in the completion of your insurance claim form. However, each patient, not the insurance carrier, is responsible for payment to this office. Payment is due at time of service unless other arrangements have been made in advance. We cannot be responsible collecting your insurance claim or for negotiating a settlement on a disputed claim.



No show and Cancellation Policy

Same day cancellation 
Sick $20.00
Well visit $30.00 
ADD /Behavior Follow up  $35.00

Failure to appear for a scheduled appointment (No-Show)
Sick visit $25.00  
Well visit $35.00
ADD /Behavior Follow up    $40.00

Holiday and Weekend fee
Visits on Holidays and Saturdays are offered for convenience but will incur a charge submitted to insurance. If not covered, a charge not to exceed $15.00 will be assessed to the patient.

Office Hours

8:00AM – 7:00PM  Monday- Thurs      8:00AM-4:00PM  Friday
and many Saturday mornings.

Office Hours By Appointment Only

Contacting your Office and your Doctor

We have opened our "patient portal" where you can  access many of your child's medical records, allow the communication of important information about your recent visits and have a direct access point to your child's doctor through written electronic correspondence. 

During office hours, our friendly receptionists answer all calls in turn. Most clinical concerns are directed to our registered nurse's voice mailbox. These messages are retrieved regularly through business hours, "triaged" and returned as time allows. Problems not solved by discussion with our nurse will be discussed or forwarded to one of our providers. They always, in these situations,  attempt to return your calls personally and, almost always, in a timely fashion. We pride ourselves on this personal service and on our accessibility

Telephone policies

We, at BelliAcres Pediatrics, pride ourselves on our unprecedented accessibility, day or night. We provide full access to our providers via our voice mail or paging systems. Our providers usually return calls, promptly, as time allows. We offer this opportunity to discuss issues and help you decide the best course for your child. We believe this access is part of our obligation and responsibility as your child's primary care provider.
From time to time calls will be more complex and require a level of professional consultation and care planning that we feel should be reimbursed. While these occasions are uncommon we will charge for phone care when a significant clinical decision and plan are made that did not require an office visit. In fact, codes are available for this service (99441,99442,99443) but most insurance carriers do not pay for these services. We consider these charges patient responsibility.

After Regular Office Hours 

After office hours your calls are answered by our voice messaging system and you will be offered the following options. You may be directed to call 866-232-9679  to access the messaging service for who will, directly, contact the doctor covering. Again, we pride ourselves on this accessibility and are “on call” most of the time signing out to our extremely competent call group of doctors and nurse practitioners, only,  from time to time or while away. 
You may, also, call 443-481-4000 to reach Anne Arundel Medical Centers Nurse triage service (MDNURSE) who can give helpful advice and direction. 

You may call our office line and access Dr Donald Schneider’s voice mail at ext 205 or Dr Zach Schneider's voice mailbox at ext 208 to leave a non-urgent message. They, frequently, but not routinely retrieve these messages after hours and return call as time allows.

Read about Charges for additional care at the time of a physical or well-child visit.  (click here)